The Tenth Try

I owe a lot to someone
I’ve watch her tear
full like an icarus
it was like a star
which is the sun
who is me.
it won’t be long
that I will look up
and feel the sounds again
that i pretend sometimes
that they are gone forever.
the steps are simple
to talk in this universe
you must feel each one distinct
as if someone had died
their faces designating each constellation.
you realise
what connects that time you spent
lying on the lawn you remember
is not so long before
and, say, the beauty of the statue
you saw last monday an angel there
her lips hung over the garden, the stone garden
that connection
is not so easy finding it
in one’s mind
and yet the solution
is but a clue... the garden, the stone garden...
to all you have meant to me
and why this is so.
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