why do we feel pain
from the tips of our limbs
to the stem of our brain
do we all hurt the same
as the blood seeps from a vein

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Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
más de 5 años

I believe we feel pain to let us know we are alive. When we are very young, we don't have the maturity to see all the bad in this world. Until we are hurt we just cruise along and then hit that bump in the road. It also feels to me that the good people are the ones who receive most of the pain. The others, "manipulators" who go through life and inflict pain without even caring how it affects people, no concept of being responsible for their actions, continue to hurt yet they are able to live. Those of us in pain are left to try to make sense of this pain. We become angry and put up walls. I feel those walls for me will never come down. Good write it makes people think. Keep writing and I hope one day you will be free from this monster called pain. Sandi.

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