From the tram to the train I’d scuttle
from shuttle to shuttle
with only the speakers for company
and then
Sorry, can I just. I. Sorry
Yes, Sorry
Start with sorry. Can only go up from there
Sat on the train looking out the window
I catch your eye and dip my head with a small smile
held longer than I was expecting and my heart skips a beat
we share no words and I try hard not to touch you
with the motion of the train as my legs struggle
to keep my bags still
You removed your jacket then and couldn’t help staring because that
dress suited you I look down and it doesn’t help because
I see your brown leather boots clinging to your calves
and then you pull on your dress and it’s really not helping
It’s warm in here and so I removed my jacket paranoid you were staring
I didn’t know
my eyes were closed
and then open, they met yours again and you’re smiling
you hold my gaze and I die a little on the inside
Now is the time to speak but I freeze
like the view out the window and the frost on the hills
and I see beauty with beauty;
turning you see what I see in the reflection of glass
and the view from outside
your phone is out and a photo is taken
I don’t need a photo to remember this
And we stop and get off and you brush your hand on my arm and then
on the platform you look and you smile and I small back
and walk away because
Now I’m home again, I can only see her
Standing as I stand
With that smile seared into my mind.
I'm sorry

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