It’s raining and my thoughts are swimming around me, of my palms  pressed against your chest, the planets on my fingertips now carved into your ribs. I can feel the dense air of autumn disappearing, catching onto my eyelashes and dissolving into my bones. I like the way your heartbeat sounds when it’s mixed with the rise and fall of my breathing. Like a train racing above me, like the soft touch of dandelions about to set the world on fire. The demons they sit above the earth, their feet dangling over the edge onto the shoulders of you and I. I can feel the way the seasons change, I can feel it inside my hands. Darling you were the quietest November my palms have ever held. So mother earth take me down to the shoreline, and fill my cracks with your energy, healing my insides with your stardust and angels. And I’ll sit here inside this dark world holding fireflies to my chest, waiting for them to catch fire to my veins, and I’ll sit here and grow a world inside my bones, one that I will live in, untill I can again live inside my own.

Nature imagery, sad, love, romance, earth, nature, personification, heartbreak

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plus de 6 ans

The imagery you paint with each word-stroke is quite amazing and generates a visually stunning mind's eye view... So very creative and original! I can't wait to read more!

Julia W
plus de 6 ans

Thank you brother poet! :)

Cory Garcia
plus de 6 ans

"!"Welcome back sister poet!

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