I guess I had a million hopes
I guess I had hundreds of expectations
I suppose I grew a house for you
Inside my bones
Without asking
If you wanted
To come in.
Tonight it was raining and
I was talking to my father, about how you feel so heavy in my hands
But I have no where
To put you down.
He told me how it always seemed so odd
How words are never enough
Yet they can cut your soul into a million tiny pieces.
I told him how I feel the earth inside of me before I fall to sleep, how I feel every notion beneath my feet. He told me to swallow the sun, whenever I felt it growing inside my chest. I told him
For the first time
That I loved the sound of his voice

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over 5 years

Swallow the sun...i don't think I've ever heard how to maintain the pain so beautifully

Julia W
about 6 years

Thanks Cory!

Cory Garcia
about 6 years

A beautiful moment

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