These walls feel so heavy around me, yet this room has never seemed emptier.
The wind wrapped her hands around my throat,
Goodbye has leaked from my tongue yet again;
My mouth, is a hurricane,
I am trying to keep calm.
I pulled your skin off my bones; I have never been good at letting go.
I tucked away your shadow beneath my shoulders,
You are too far away to be felt this close.
Tonight I fell asleep with my own hands wrapped around my chest,
I danced with the reflection of my heartbeat against my blue walls;
My shadow it holds me,
It holds me.
I, am a lion
Who has lost his voice.
My chest slows like a child falling to sleep,
But it feels like an ocean running inside me.
Today I left behind the world that spins inside me,
I ripped her from my chest and turned my back, she watched my empty soul as I walked away
I am so sorry
There is still so much room for you inside me,
Yet somehow, you no longer fit.

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Cory Garcia
about 5 years

All things new ;)

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