Strawberry blonde fingertips
Her hair like star-trails
A child beneath her skin
Bones aching like the shadow of your neck against my crooked spine
Thunder crackling through the sky
Imitating, your laughter
Voice in waves of lemonade skin
I am drowning
In your sunlight
You are
You are
Voice in doses of figurine hands
Holding throat
Stroking spine
My bones to sleep,
I am sorry
My body is no longer a safety net
My ribcage no longer bridges
But my
Lungs are oceans
I have forgotten
How to swim.
She swallowed your words like acid in his throat
No longer feel like a crawl space,
But teeth marks in our veins
You promised, to hold her
You promised to pigeonhole your spine, to pull apart your limbs if it meant keeping her pieces together;
You promised to always feel like home.
You didn’t stay long enough
To remember not to walk with your skin inside out
You didn’t stay long enough to hear her asking you, to hold her together;
You didn’t stay long enough–
You didn’t stay.

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Lxnnnie Rutledzh
over 5 years

Really dig your writing.

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Cory Garcia Lxnnnie Rutledzh

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