I think you could collapse against my body,
your winded breath seeping into my lungs
becoming my own.
I think you could run away from home,
but you would always find your shadow traipsing down my spine,
into the snow white skin on the backs of my hands.
Your hair the color of autumn,
wrapping me tight inside your blanket of electricity,
which strikes every time you graze my skin.
There’s birds inside my chest,
my ribs as their cage,
and they beat their wings against me every time they sing your name,
leaving me drowned in the moonlight,
whispering your name
to no one but the stars.

Nature, nature imagery, sad, broken, love, romance, runaway, brokenheart, nature imagery, personification, nature personification

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Julia W
over 6 years

Thanks so much! :)

over 6 years

Love this julia!

Julia W
over 6 years

Thanks so much!

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

Another AMAZING song of love!

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