At 7:07 I lay beneath the newborn sun, as I felt the rush of rain absorb into my lungs, and the heaviness of the sky burst into my chest. I was filled with the onrush of the earth, yet drained hollow, from your absence. The clouds faces penetrated into my skin, each one spelling out your name across one another, their innocence curling around my wrists, dragging me down to the sleeping grass. My feet they ran, they ran faster than the ground could catch them, and I found myself standing at the foot of the ocean. My palms stretched against the shoreline, my lungs taking in as much of the jagged sea air that they could hold. I ran from home, I ran from the town that claimed to own me. I ran not knowing where I was headed, but when I reached the ferocious sea, with wind singing in my ears and sunlight imploring to rest upon my eyelashes, I knew that finally this was it. I knew that lastly, I was home.

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Cory Garcia
almost 7 years


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