Poor Aurora she never knew
that on her sixteenth birthday
she would be here on a dusty old bed alone
not knowing what happen to her
no one was brave enough to tell her
as they laid her down upon the bed
the night sky was being painted red
then into a golden glitter to a silver shimmer
what a sight, too bad no one could see it
the three fairies took their wands
and waved it around for the glitter to fall upon
the knights and the whole kingdom
all around for them to fall asleep
Aurora slept for so long
three years had passed on
while the prince went roaming around trying to find
the girl who he danced and sang along with
on the very same day she pricked her index finger
he knew she was gone
While Maleficent was stuck in her own thoughts
wondering why her minions couldn’t find the girl
she had put a spell on
death is what she had wanted for this girl to find
so she would have gotten her sweet revenge on her sister
Aurora’s mother
Finally Aurora finds herself awake
not knowing where she was and why
but there was a handsome man staring back at her
with a smile
Maleficent had vanished
the whole kingdom was back to normal
and as for this story to be carried on ward
Aurora didn’t want anyone to know it was her
so she would tell the story to little boys and girls and called it
the story of Sleeping Beauty.

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Cory Garcia
over 7 years

That's how you do it!!!!
LOVE this :)

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Cory Garcia

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