Time as taken her away
the real story of her was hidden away
deep within the brothers Grimm’s brain
she was curious who was on the surface
they had looked a lot like her but with legs
she had want to be just like them
maybe they are those humans
her father had told her about
they didn’t seem to horribly bad
she thought
she was wishing to have legs like them
Ariel would come to the surface to see such a handsome man
from time to time
he was intrigued by this creature with a fish tale and fin
he could see she was in love with him
and found out her secret
he carried her upon the shore and promised her
to make her wish come true
little did she know
he was nothing but a trader
he used her for all experiment’s with all the others
Ariel saw who his true lover was
her jealousy got to her  
now that she had finally turned into a human
she ran out towards the water
not knowing she couldn’t swim no longer
since she was human
she was happy the water pained her so deeply within her.

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about 7 years

i might fix it up a bit later just trying to think on it haha

Cory Garcia
about 7 years

Another fine fairy tale :)

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