was all he could do
sitting was the only option
the mind wrapped him around in a dark colored cloak
leaving him all alone
a white patterned room
held him down
not letting him lift himself off the ground
it was cold
with no food
sleep was just stupid
or was just to much of it
He begs and pleads
as the camera man stood there starring
with no sympathy for this poor man
he walked away while the screaming man sat there
begging to be free
then it clicked in the mans brain
life was just to hard
and annoying
so he stopped screaming
and just sat there
for many years that past
he turned into a new man
when finally the door had opened
with a bright light shining in
no it was not heaven
it was the change of mindset
he had made for him self
that lead to freedom.

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Cory Garcia
plus de 7 ans

Awesomely done!!!!!

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Cory Garcia

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