When I close my eyes
I see pictures fly by
Reminding me of our moments
We were happy and crazy
Wild and free
You made me feel like I could fly
Our love was a Romeo & Juliet novel
It wasn’t just a day or two
It was a month or two
Even though we didn’t last long
I still miss your soft touch
Your green blue eyes
And laying on the grass watching the clouds pass by
You were my first kiss
The first one to steal my heart
I did all my firsts with you
When we ended things I hated your name
But one day I realized why
I have to much love for you
everyday and everywhere i go
I see and I hear your name
It reminds me of you
It’s too painfull
Reminds me of all that we had together
You were my first love...

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Robert L. Martin
about 5 years

I feel bad for you that he is gone. It sounds like you still love him dearly. If he knew how you felt about him, maybe he would come back.

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