Since childhood
We were inseparable
To the age of 18 years old
I’m very understanding
I get it, I really do
Your in school
It gets busy
I have a business
I am busy to
But why do I have to always be the one
To try, try, try, try?
To wanna hang out?
I have to drive, drive, drive,
To our home town
While you vist your family
But I understand your need to see your family
But every weekend?
Where’s the time for your friends?
Can’t you come see me at least on your way through?
Just pop over for a second or two
I can’t try no more
I’m the first to ask to hang out
I don’t think you want to hang out...
I get the hit, I really do
I guess I’ll wait till you try
And shut you down every time to!
I have a life to you know!
I am busy seeing family on weekends to
But willing to see you on a weekend cause
I thought we were best friends
Now I’m starting to think
We really never were.

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Robert L. Martin
about 5 years

I feel bad for you, because he ignores you. Maybe your friend doesn't realize what a good friend you are to him. He is lucky to have you as a friend


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