Memories of us have burdened me
Can’t forget you
The song you once sent me
Is everywhere I plan to go
I know you loved me
But I’m sorry
I never did
Your name is everyone’s name
With all name tags, street signs
Billboards, commercials ah!
I want to scream!
James is the name I hear
James is the name that haunts my dreams
James is the name I see wherever I go
But why tell me why
I’m about to burst in flames
No not anger
Is what it is
Oh I know you quite well
If you saw this today or anyday
You’d love it
oh it would be swell for you
And Love that I haven’t forgotten
But believe me please I’m going
I need to forget all
But it’s the impossible
My home town is where you live in
I could never go back
But it’s not an option
Family my family live there
I can never escape away from you
Forgetting you is a laugh
A joke!
A never ending cycle I live in .

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over 7 years

Wow thank you guys ! And haha it's ok James lol thanks again I really appreciate the comments :)

james matthew coleman
over 7 years

I want to comment, and I apologize for my name ;)... I agree with Cory. I can almost see you pacing, vacillating between frustration and hysteria. It's great, really great.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Love it! I love the ranting frustrated vulnerability... very cool take on the space he has rented in your headroom ;)


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