On that very last kiss my lips felt surprised by the sudden spark that flew high between us
Our first kiss did not feel like this
I smiled as we walked our separate ways  that left my heart confused
What does this mean?
How am I to choose between two men I love?
I was certain that our first kiss showed me that there was no magical spark to keep me around you
But now my heart aches and my mind is stuck on replay of the last hours  we had together
I made my decision
It’s him
But that last kiss we had put me in a whirl wind
I feel hopeless of this decision that I may have decided too early
I just wanted this pain to be over but now I sit here still thinking if I chose right
If I really am in love with either of you
That last kiss has a hold on me that I keep trying to push away but I can’t help remember the spark I felt between us.

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