She only swims down deep where the warm water is
She only comes to the cold surface
For pleasure
Or hunger
Shes not the mermaid we grew up with
Men are fools in this new world
She’s got you conviced she’s not a convict
Even her father believed she was just a rebel
a beautiful woman
With a voice that can be heard across the ocean
Is what they think
But the waving red hair
Its a gimmick
Don’t you notice there are no freckles?
Her eyes so pure green it stings
Burning a hole right through the soul
The voice is so angelic it tricks your body into a coma
Prince Eric was the only man who didn’t fall for her tricks
Which lead her to believe he was the one to be
But a human and a mermaid do not mix
As he strongly agreed
Prince Eric pretended to love her
Till she gave up her fins for legs
that a witch gave her
She walked up on shore
Not knowing he was waiting there for her
As he secretly was planning to drown the little mermaid.

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