I have stared at the dark skies
hoping for light to break through magically
as my depression would sink down the drain
but when I walk down these roads
I have only but one path to show
that I can spread my wings and fly
around what I admire
step in my shoes
and you will see
the big dreamer I have come to be
the lover of my life has made me unconditionally happy
for I am only stuck, left behind the criticizing thugs
leaving me self conscious and out of luck
as I will blame them for all the tears
I have shed
where now the word “perfect” is left as unspoken

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about 7 years

thank you :)

Cory Garcia
about 7 years

This flows and conveys depth personal growth and determination... loved it

Danny MF'n Stone
about 7 years

Very nice, I like it.

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