Part One

The man himself knew
what he had become
the devil inside
had grew
his skin turned red
pain became upon him
two horns on his head
with a tail at his rear end
he had screamed bloody murder
no! please no!
I had prayed I was no sinner
how have I become of what I am today?
is it because I knew deep down
I didn’t believe in him
the god of the over world?
for he has called it Heaven?
the god who all seem to love
the god who all want to see him personally alone?
after their years are done?
he never wanted to be the chosen one
for he who is now the devil
the god of the underground world
he who as now called it Hell.

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Cory Garcia
over 7 years

The home of He with ll horns eh :)

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Cory Garcia

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