The Thank You Note

To be with someone who’s in a rush, for that pleasure you desire so much
You let this love turn to lust
I’m a delicate flower you ripped off all the petals
with all your chances
you thought it would be over
but I still have thorns you didn’t discover
you did this to me i thought id turn around and slap but instead i gave you a thank you note
oh yes
thank you for making me stronger
thank you for showing me the symptoms of a cheater
you got a disease in you known as the Unstoppable cheater
here I go as you read this note
I have all ready told all the other women
you try to keep all apart
i have unstoppable revenge.. on you yes can’t let this escape
running around and doing that to a million another  girls
like me,
who apparently who are all hopeless romantics
It seems you’ve got a pattern
I believe you committed a crime in the law of love gonna have to handcuff you up
take him away
never wanna see him again
no but my last words to you before you go is
Your game was to be a player i know your game but whats my game?
for all that you have done
it must be exhausting trying to have as many women as you want
just for your demented pleasure.

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