I came along a dark shadowed knight
he stood there silently
he did not dare move or as if off with his head
he is doing his duty
doing as the king tells the knight
I passed on by and ignored his tired eyes
as I lifted my dresses skirt up the step
I looked back at him and wondered if he had eaten yet
I hope he had because he is all I have
Through days and nights
the knight would stand there waiting for  the enemy
to arrive but as if my king father wouldn’t know
the knight has a life to
If you knew me or know me now
citizens around  whisper that I am the Fixer
to help the ones who don’t dare to show
sympathy i already know how they must be feeling
my King father may disown me but i am not afraid
for anything that may happen to me
but love is such a powerful thing.


A princess in love with a knight and worried he may die of starvation and her King who is her father could careless about the knight and would not want his daughter falling in love with a knight.


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Cory Garcia
over 7 years

The fix is in lol Nice!

almost 8 years

thank you and awesome i will :)

almost 8 years

I love your imagination. You should come check out a poem or two of mine. you might have to sift for one that vibes with you, on here I go by Quil. 5 Stars

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Cory Garcia

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