As quiet as a whisper
And as sudden as time
Just as thorns upon a flower
Are as sneaky as a crime
A never-knowing anticipation
Knocks upon the door
Positioned like a parson
He thinks of what’s in store
He comforts you
Then calls out your name
He cares for you
Never suspecting his game
He gives you a check-up
Just like a long-time friend
But just as soon as you warm up
He snatches you in the end


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Kathryn Campbell
over 7 years

Thank you! After you said that, I did go read your work. I want to let you know that I love it, and thanks for recommending your work to me,

over 7 years

I like your work, you should check out some of my work, I think one or two might speak to you. my pen name here is Quil.


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