Death, decay, and gore everywhere.
Can’t go anywhere to escape.
What has happened to the world?
This is not the way things were suppose to be.
It didn’t start like this.
The world wasn’t filled with death.
It wasn’t filled with pain, deceitfulness, or confusion.
Peace only turned into destruction.
Look around you! Can you not see your brother on the ground?
Why do you not lend a hand to him who is clearly dying?
Do you not care?
Are you that selfish that you can’t see that your brothers need help?
What has the world come into?
All the death that fills the air should not be there!
Why is the earth that was suppose to be for us is working against us?
Because of man!
They used the world for good but they started messing with things they shouldn’t have messed with.
They use the beautiful things God gave us for evil.
Why is the world we live like Hell?
Burning, suffering, disease...
They surround us like vultures over their next meal.
Look around you! Can’t you see that man two feet in front of you?
Is he not hurt? In pain? Dying even?
Why do you not help him?
Why are you walking over him like he is not there?
Open your eyes people!
Look at the war that is around you!
Get out of your bubbles of protection and get out there!
Stop acting like nothing is wrong and get out and smell the dead bodies that litter the ground.
Everywhere you go a war is happening.
School, work, and even at your own home.
Everything is falling about because of man.
Our world is dying because of us.
Can you not see all these things?
People are dying and no one is helping.
You walk and see people on the streets selling their things (including themselves) just so that they can live another day.
We should not be living like this for goodness sake!
We were suppose to live in harmony!
Work together instead of against one another.
No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to understand why things are like this.
The wars in the world are multiplying, and innocent people are dying.
Children are seeing death when they shouldn’t.
So many things are wrong yet no one stands up to stop it.
When will the wars end?
When will the destruction turn in construction?
Man have war but one day the biggest war is coming.
Can we stop all these wars, help those in need, and prepare for the biggest battles in our lives
Will we side with the enemy or God?
This is the war that we have to worry about nothing else.
So as mentioned before: Can we stop all these wars?
Can we work together instead of against each other?

I've realized that there have been a lot of wars going on, and also that people are suffering. We shouldn't have to suffer yet we do. These days people rarely work together in harmony. They always fight with one another for no reason. This poem was to kind of tell you about how people treat each other. The world is in such chaos yet you barely see people helping each other.
I know that we do work together in some ways and that people will fight, but they don't need to fight as much as they do.

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