So apparent, so evident, so hard to overlook. She was the embodiment of all that held his interest.... her mere presence was a baited hook.    Within her eyes he’d seen himself future, present, past.As with most endeavors he’d set out upon, this as well seemed to good to last.....Purity, grace, on an angel’s face he’d felt his heart pierced through. His place held burden as he awaited response, sadly something had jaded the view. When one sets out... casting no doubt to capture a love not meant to be....all hope is lost regardless the cost, flotsam washed out to the sea.Chasing obsession, cleverly cloaked lust.... He found himself wanting her more and more.Just like flotsam swept into the current, his heart would soon wash up on the shore. Eternity seems momentary to a fool who gives his passion away.....An overlooked past of those gone before him had clearly quoted the same. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...... he’d heard it said many times before. Nothing ventured, nothing lost, just a fool with misguided sentiment.... standing alone on the shore.

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