Does this mean we are a match

I was never even your girlfriend
You were never even my boyfriend
But at the same time we did all of the small and the big things together
Which made it seem like we have been together forever
How is this even possible you start to have your mind take a small tour of asking
Was it just having connection and time to pass?
Did it turn out to passion?
Our friendship will be everlasting
With our favorite tunes always blasting
Around you I have always felt very comfortable
Our adventures together will always be memorable
I can not even begin to try and compare
Because even our communication style  did not just fit in a square
What we were able to share with one another is rare
I do hope that you will be able to take care
Nothing we ever did was in a rush
You always have been able to make me blush
With you little turns of a phrase
To catch my expression and gaze

To be completed at a later date to may tears in my eyes

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