Sweetie, you are here for me more than you even know, I adore you and I look forward to many many more years to come for us during our friendship.

You are the voice of reason when I am in in a downward spin out that I can not see past
These moments will not be there to always last
To hear you say that everything will be alright
At the end of the sleepless night
Means the world to me to be able to see
You will just be there to help me to be the one to see
In the end of this all we are a team
Seems now as if this is a dynamic that has been created by a medicated dream
We both can relate on a deeper level than most be able to come close to be able to comprehend
You have turned out to be a person that I feel has been there for many years as a deep and long lasting friend
Even though we have only know each other for a short amount of time
You make my days feel less like a medicated wall as a mime
No matter if you see that you are the one I call to be able to help me
No matter is you don’t see how much you do mean to me
I am here to say that when you are not around I do miss you
I am here as a team, I want this to be able to work out for us
You are glue that is holding this operation together
And to me that will be a feeling that can last forever
I know that  this is only the beginning of our journey to be able to find the harmony
Within in this upside down, sideways feel of an economy.
I know that we will be able to make all of this turn out right side up
And be able to look back and say look at the hill, look at the mountain we were able to climb up
I am here with a helping hand to be able to help lead you
You are here with a voice of reason to be able to help  me see
We are not a leader or a follower of each other because we are an equal team
Reaching out to be able to catch hold of a dream
That we will be able to make real
I will always be here for you, so chin up, put that smile on and lets make this deal

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