Depression that changes with each session - Kat. P

I know that I can be a pretty big believer even some would say a dreamer.
Maybe one day I will be a keeper or even a leader.
But in this time the change has been in my demeanour
I feel as if I have become meaner
What it is actual called is a word that no one wants to here, its called Depression
This can leave an ever lasting impression
Some recommend that you can just go and see a specialist
But what happens when you do not have benefits
The battle can seem and have the feeling of endlessness
They always ask you where is the evidence
What is the cause and where can you see the relevance
Does it show in your recklessness?
Do you see my helplessness?
To many new elements
Not enough evidence to be able to get help leaving me directionless
It all starts off with something as light as a feather
Reminding you of the nonsense and the remaining questions
Hold life close to you it is an adventure
Hold loved ones close and listen as if they are a golden treasure

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