Just something I dreamt about. Honestly scared me shitless.

Enduring the pain of heartbreak
I walked into my room.
Head throbbing, chest bleeding, tears rolling.
I closed my door and turned, stepping directly into a nightmare.
There he was; sitting in my chair
Staring with his terrifyingly sly smile.
“What’s wrong? Finally giving up?
Are you going to let me keep you now?
I’ve been waiting so impatiently.”
Standing and inching his way closer
His face turned instantly dark.
“Let me keep you. I want you.
I can make you mine and keep you that way.
I can show you that it’s okay to be bad.
You don’t need him, he hurt you. Remember?
I’d keep you safe. I’d keep you content.
All you have to do is make yourself mine.”
He was now inches from my face.
“It’s all you have to do,” he whispered in my ear
Handing me the most silver of silver blades.
“Just one. One time. And you’ll be mine, forever.”
I look up and start balling.
I fall to my knees.
Why am I still here?
There’s nothing left for me.
I’m alone. Unwanted.
I can’t handle the pain.
A migraine for 45 days...
I have no reality. Nothing but nightmares and anger.
Why not end it?
Why not make the cut and call it over?
That’s all it takes....
One cut.
No more pain.
No more anger.
No more sorrow.
Just one cut....
“Think about it,” he says walking out of my room.
“I won’t wait forever.”
The door slams shut and I wake up.
I reach for my phone.
Balling, I call him. The only person left.
The one I want to talk to the least.
“Please..... I need your help.”

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Kara Vasquez
about 6 years

Thank you

Cory Garcia
about 6 years

Excellent writing

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