I, Too, Have a Dream

I, too, have a dream:
A dream in which people do not see the color of their own skins,
and insist that it makes them more, or less, or other;
In which people are not celebrated for their accomplishments
as though it were a surprise that someone of their color could do that;
In which one does not feel the false pressure of race
to speak, dress, lead or follow in a stereotypical way;
In which one does not have to strive to be oneself
in order to fit in with their group,
because their group is the human race, all of us.
I have a dream,
That, even if we cannot all unite under one God,
One God-Man can still redeem us all
and bring communion between God, man, and Earth;
That the God-Man will not be seen as White,
or Black, or Jewish, or Asian, or unseen
but will be seen as Man, and as God.
And I have a dream,
Where all people regardless of station or birth
bow to each other as willing slaves,
each preferring the other to themselves;
Where people have all things in common,
because they are all grateful for what they have received;
Where all people - that’s it, no division -
can lift holy hands in free service to God and Man.


dream, future, untiy

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