everybody feels as sometimes they want to give up. like they just cant keep going fighting days as they go. not knowing what they feel our thr trouble in thier life.

Tears flowing like unheard words, mind gone like your dead
trying your best to stay on top, while forcing yourself  out of bed
you see the world a different way
pain and untold scars, while still trying to get over yeserday
all you have is a hopeless goal
wishful thinking, thoughts thats out of control
life is something you can fail
sucidal thinking, left wondering am i off to hell
you say your sorry god cause no longer do you want to be his child
god you said youll help but i cant seem to smile
satan gotten  a hold on you and hes doing good
no longer can focus on what you should
its irritating to be irritated
cant seem to figure out why you feel so hated
its the same things over and over again
but those same thought you cant seem to understand
fighting days as they past
wondering how long its going to last
feel like you trapped in a jail sell
thinking and knowing that your already in hell
saying it cant get no better then this
but have no other choice but to get over it


poetry is all about speaking what you feel what makes it so great , is that it comes from withthin the soul and out the mouth or on paper and create something so lovely. my poems is about everyday fights and struggles but also times when you have to get up and get with life before you get left behind.

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presque 7 ans

Soon, I will come back and read through all your work. But I have things to do at the moment, read you soon!


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