The Way You Make Me Feel

I never told you what I should have said,
Maybe it’s because I am shy.
I love your deep brown eyes,
I love the way you smile,
I love that you make me happy without having to try.
I love your crazy personality and your serious side.
I think it’s kinda sexy lol.
You have never made me feel less than a person
I love you just for being the person you are.
You are a great guy with a great heart.
I miss you not every once in a while, but all the while.
You are the love that I desire,
I love you with all that is within me,
With every heartbeat to the detailed functions of my brain,
No one will ever understand me like you do,
Even though you think you don’t,
You get me more than most people do.
I am glad that you have given me a chance in your life.
I just pray that you love me as much as I love you.
I still have not told you all I could have said,
The rest will come with time.
Kimiko Lasandra Watson
March 27, 2018

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