For the ever wandering mind...

Air is stagnant,
Breath is short,
Listen now to my report.
Hungry stares in silence say,
They’re the victim, you’re the prey.
Be they demons, beasts and such,
Identified by how they touch.
They batter hearts to see them bleed,
And live by codes I cannot read.
The night is young, they find a route,
And target each soul reaching out.
Lonely, down or broken yet,
They’ll never hold back or regret.
Then turn around to mope and cry,
Luring in the passerby.
Who cannot sense that underneath,
A stiffened jaw and clenching teeth,
Lies perfect farce and flawless guile,
Cracked in no place but the smile.
Victims drawn and kept until,
The parasites have had their fill,
Are thrown away as empty shells,
Not one fights and no one tells.
Weak and hungry off they’ll go,
Appetites that never slow.
Lunging forth and bleeding dry,
Another heart, another lie.
An empty infantry that lives,
In harmony with what it gives,
Immaculate they stand in sin,
In glazed and polished porcelain.
Bodies heaped in massive piles,
Cracked in no place but their smiles.



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Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

It sounds great. I have to read it a few times more. It is very deep.

J.A. Lütz , a.k.a. Jonathan Alexander Lutz
over 4 years

Absolutely incredible. Well written! The metaphors are scathingly too real.

almost 5 years

very good

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