A Choice Trail

To Marcy Howard

As we wander, over hill and valley,
There, are, sights, along the way,
While we search, for what, seems lost,
It, confronts us, every day,
As, we walk and look, at things,
We, don’t seem, to use our sight,
For there, is something, we don’t see,
Though illuminated, in the light,
There, are things, along the trail,
That, are real, just not seen,
Just like things, in our lives,
With each step, the endless dream,
And as I walk, in falling snow,
I believe, in who, you are,
While, the flakes, that touch, my skin,
Are, the dreams, of our star.
Since, we met, its you, I need,
Its you, that keeps me going,
Even though, the trail’s steep,
My dreams, to me, are showing,
For you, I’ll walk, far and wide,
No matter, how long, it might take,
And though, it seems, insanity,
Marcy, is the choice, I make.
    It is only you. Believe!!!



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