Always Green


I walk between the frozen raindrops,
Across a barren open plain,
Underneath a cloudless sky,
That holds no hint of rain,
The past another season,
For the future that lies ahead,
With insanity just a reason,
To prove love’s never dead.
Among the silent landscape,
A cold wind starts to blow,
As in the distance I see some storm clouds,
As each day the storm seems to grow,
Far off in the distance,
The destination that I seek,
Lives and breathes a destiny,
That needs no words to speak.
Mountains rise up from the ground,
To touch the clear blue sky,
And as that storm approaches,
Our emotions seem to fly,
Does what we feel become our destination,
Or is it just another place,
A thing we feel somewhere inside,
The mirror of a face.
A panorama unfolds before us,
Full of promise but also of pain,
And as we travel towards the horizon,
Is it only distance that we gain,
There are details blurred by the distance,
That grow clearer as we draw near,
As that distance overwhelms us,
If we succumb to all we fear.
With each step we draw closer,
But our teardrops surely slow,
Though the journey at times is never ending,
Yet our excitement seems to grow,
The landscape soon is accompanied by sound,
Within the things we never see,
We realize we long ago found,
The emotions that still roam free.
Though the teardrops may only fall inside,
And at times they feel as if they’re frozen,
The journey may lead to mountains,
But it’s love we’ve unconsciously chosen,
Step by step we approach,
Those things in the distance seen,
And love creates the impression,
That the landscape’s forever green.

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