A Different View


There’s been years spent all alone,
To keep other’s from seeing my pain,
Hiding all the inner feelings,
And the tears that fall like rain,
With no one to confide in,
It becomes easier to hide away,
Even hiding where you live,
Because there’s nothing left to say.
All prying eyes are stifled,
Things done to insure you’re alone,
Leaving people to only guess,
If you’re really who they’ve known,
Because of actions in the past,
It’s hard for me to trust,
The hearts been wounded so many times,
That it’s caked with bloody rust.
All the wounds throughout the years,
Add up to all the scars,
At times seeming to outnumber,
The night times many stars,
A heart that’s been broken so many times,
That the pieces outnumber the whole,
And even though it beats inside,
It’s a thing that someone stole.
A simple act of kindness,
Fuels the desire to hide even more,
As we try to analyze,
What’s that kindness for,
Is there some underlying motive,
Is something expected in return,
Or is that kindness just a lie,
Just another way to burn.
If you realize you’re hiding,
Is it something you can change,
Or is the result of effort,
Just the same thing rearranged,
Does the real person remain hidden,
Can the mirror lend a clue,
If instead of your own image,
The face of love shines through.
We may hide the real person,
Only one deserves to know,
To have the heart before them,
To understand that love can grow,
The real person remains hidden,
Preserved for only you,
And to every other person,
It seems we’re hidden from view.

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