to Marcy Howard

Are you comfortable, in, the dark;happiest, with, no light,
Because, in the, darkness, people, can’t see; what, you hide, with all, your might,
Darkness, can be, your closest, friend;it hides, your dreams and fears,
Cloaking, them, with the absence, of light;so, no one, sees, the tears.
Do you, dread, the coming dawn, as itmakes, everything, clear and bright,
Or, does the daylight, blur, your vision;as what you see, fills you, with fright,
Some people, thrive, in the darkness;like me, they abhor, the crowd,
Feeling, as if, you shouldn’t speak;or voice, your thoughts, aloud.
As always, preference, is a choice;yet it’s, much easier, in the dark,
For a dream, is less difficult, to conjure up;if hidden, in your heart,
If, your different, or somehow, unique;in the light, people, stop and stare,
But if, you live, your life, in dark;no one, sees, you there.
Though, I hold on, to an endless, dream;it doesn’t, mean, that it’s, in error,
I’ve, just learned, to overcome;what other’s, hold, with terror,
Because, the darkness, may scare you, daylight, holds, the same, for me,
And those dreams, that I, hold tight;just like yours;they  set me, free
              Believe in magic!!!


magic and love

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