A Heart’s Creation


Hearts create an atmosphere,
That permeates to the soul,
As things we know we’re lacking,
Become the basis for the holes,
We find paradise in someone’s arms,
And the sky becomes our limit,
Never wanting any thing less,
Not even for a single minute.
Life becomes an exercise,
As we attempt to feel good,
Thinking of when love began,
The heart wondering if it could,
Dreams turn into longing,
As the heart keeps love in place,
Even though we might make attempts,
To feel another face.
The heart creates a paradise,
That seems only reached at night,
When dreams unfurl created wings,
Which carry us towards the light,
Memories become a banner,
That is flown by our hearts,
Leading us to forever,
Though we wonder how it starts.
The heart creates a happy place,
But the route has twists and turns,
And holding on to things we found,
Ignites a fire that forever burns,
Two hearts found their comfort,
From the loneliness and the tears,
Speaking with a silent voice,
That only hearts can hear.
Broken dreams are somehow repaired,
The heart creates it’s own healing,
And regardless of the circumstance,
It’s tied to all we’re feeling,
The heart become a creator,
Which gives life to all our dreams,
With a voice that softly whispers,
Or a voice that loudly screams.
The heart creates our future,
It gives a voice to all we feel,
It gives reason to an emotion,
That in our hearts we know is real,
Two hearts are bound together,
And we’re filled with true elation,
Love’s alive inside two souls,
The sum of our heart’s creation.

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