A Walking Smile


A streetlight illuminates a figure,
Alone and head hung low,
Slowly trudging forward,
As the size of snowflakes grows,
he has no destination,
No place that’s really home,
For all intents and purposes,
Without you he’s just alone.
If you stop and take the time,
To really see the man,
He always walks with a smile,
That most can’t understand,
He cares not what the world may think,
His attire not worn to impress,
All he owns is on his back,
Along with the beating in his chest.
Because of his smile he’s perceived insane,
But opinions don’t equal truth,
His smile comes from somewhere within,
Adorning his face since his youth,
He doesn’t care for possessions or things,
In heart and mind he isn’t alone,
He holds on to the love he found,
And he smiles because it’s grown.
Without her a house isn’t a home,
Just four cold and barren walls,
Outside he might hear her voice,
If in a whispered voice she calls,
The wind might hold the scent of pears,
And under starry skies he dreams,
Of when he held her in his arms,
Or hand in hand followed a stream.
His dreams are all he holds at night,
And his smile comes from the thought,
That all the things he found with her,
Are what in his hearts he’s sought,
As he slowly trudges on,
It doesn’t matter night or day,
With love for her in his heart,
That smile won’t go away.
As he trudges through the dark,
With the snow that’s falling down,
Love survives inside of him,
In the midst of silent sound,
His heart holds the thing he needs,
The love with her he found,
While with his smile he holds her close,
And that love still walks around.

January 15th, 2017

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