to Marcy Howard

As you ask yourself the question;if what you did was right,
The answer doesn’t matter;two hearts provide the light,
And at those times when you’re alone;and the memories speak to you,
Its your heart that provides the answer;not the pushing that you do.
I know at times you ask yourself;why did I do this thing,
And as the question’s the same for me;with what we found, we sing,
All the second guessing;doesn’t come from the hearts,
It came from the words you hear;and the scars that tear apart.
All I want to do is hold you;you help my heart be free,
When I was close to dead;a lesson you taught to me,
Happiness is in our hearts;it lives inside our eyes,
And no matter what you say;that light just will not die.
As you ask yourself;could he still love who I’ve become,
The answers evident every day;you are not a part, but the sum,
I need you every day;I fell in love with who you are,
Not who I want you to be;you and our star.
So when you question why;keep this in your mind,
In a sea of darkness;when death had its time,
Love sprang from the ashes;of our damaged lives,
And no matter what occurs;this love is forever’s time.
I have never given up on you;and honestly I never will,
Every time you ask the questions;each day I love you still.
And if you wonder if I need you;each day the answer’s yes;
Everything about you;keeps the heart beating in my chest.
               Only you!



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