All I Need

To Marcy Howard

In this world of perpetual gloom;through my every day,
I am overcome with need;for a woman met yesterday,
My mornings are filled with the thought;of long jet black hair,
A smile that lights up my days;from a woman who cares.
And though I do not understand;I respect you to my core,
For the pain that you suffer through;pretending there’s no more,
Can missing someone that you love;become a pain that you require,
For even if life isn’t what you like;you can hold on to desire.
As my morning is incomplete;its because I’m not holding you,
Doesn’t mean I’m here alone;I’m beside you in all you do,
I understand you had to leave;and though it gives away my soul,
Each day that I hold this love;is a day I’m almost whole.
Only one woman completes this man;only you make me feel,
Feel that though I once was lost;I’ve found a woman real,
I saw in your beautiful eyes;my path, which lies ahead,
We walk the trail hand in hand; and Marcy you’re in my bed!
Hold on to the love we found;yet I already know you do,
As you toil endlessly;all I need is you.
       I need you. Help me!

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