All the While

To Marcy Howard

There are times in our lives,
When we stop and look around
Sometimes there are people close,
Sometimes, none to be found.
All along our life’s pathway,
People come and go,
Yet the very special  ones,
Right away you know.
Fear can cripple any man,
And any woman too,
But I have a light in the dark,
For me that light is you.
There are times as we live,
When there’s no doubt you know,
And each day that passes by,
Only make the feelings grow.
You will always hold my heart,
Only you have the key,
To unlock this beating heart,
For yours you gave to me.
Every day that passes by,
Its for you that I smile,
I need the mate to my soul,
And I hold you all the while.
       Let’s try.



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