To Marcy Howard

As you pretend you’re happy,
Do you drink your coffee alone,
And as you cook the meals,
Do you feel the gulf has grown,
Instead of walking hand in hand,
Over some mountain trail,
Do you now have cookies yourself,
Will happiness. prevail.
As you have that sip of coffee,
And a cookie or two,
Does the pain that you feel,
Justify, what you go through,
Though you are surrounded,
By family and friends held dear,
Aren’t you supposed to smile,
Happiness isn’t a tear.
We reached for each other’s hearts,
And love was surely found,
But now you try and force yourself,
To think there was no sound,
You say you’re happier than ever,
But we both know, its not true,
Are you only happy,
If someone’s missing you.
Love is what we reached for,
Its what this is all about,
Not running and hiding,
Or lost in fear and doubt,
This is not a test for either,
And no matter what you may think,
We have each other forever more,
Our lives with a forever link.
     I love you.



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