Pear Scented Peace

To Marcy Howard

Memories might bring us lots of things,
From a smile, to maybe a tear,
They can come from your senses,
Something you see or maybe hear,
To me right now, the sense is smell,
The subtle scent of pear.
It reminds me of your long dark hair,
And a beautiful tattooed neck,
It reminds me of sleeping in our bed,
Does that red pillow still smell yet,
It makes a smile come to my face,
Is she sleeping, should I check.
I think of long, hot summer days,
The scent of pears, lingering in the car,
And as I drive away from you,
Just an inch, is still too far,
Then reality rides right in,
It seems I wish upon a star.
Each day that I’m away from you,
The love and need lincrease,
Showing that for us its real,
That love will never cease,
And as the smell of pears, bring a smile,
For a moment, I’ve found pear scented peace.
       Only you



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