Can emotion live in a broken heart,
Can it somehow stay alive,
Can time heal all the wounds,
Can love still survive,
Can loss make a heart lonely,
Can we atone for things we’ve done,
Can love re-enter the wounded heart,
Can it be lost but still be won.
Can we ignore the things we see,
Can we apply that to what we feel,
Can we see the things we found,
Can we accept that love is real,
Can a heart affect the soul,
Can it affect the mind,
Can tomorrow be a dilemma,
Can peace we ever find.
Can we say what we mean,
Can we talk but still be mute,
Can we allow love to live,
Can we ignore the outside suit,
Can a broken heart repair itself,
Can falling tears make a sound,
Can the mirror hold a smile,
Can happiness be what we found.
Can we stop the nightly dreams,
Can we even want to,
Can we hear the voice that whispers,
Can we make our dreams come true,
Can the sun still be shining,
Can clouds exist inside,
Can love be our banner,
Can that love we no longer hide,
Can hope just be a dream,
Can believing be our foundation,
Can a broken heart still feel,
Can that love be our salvation,
Can we believe what we see,
Can the pieces assemble at night,
Can we hear our beating hearts,
Can we be each other’s light.
Can we not judge ourselves,
Can we need another’s touch,
Can we somehow progress forward,
Can we ever feel to much,
Can we ever truly believe,
Can we hold hope at any cost,
Can we let love roam around,
Can we admit it’s never lost!

January 14th, 2017

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