Here and Now


As each moment passes,
Do we live in the here and now,
Is each moment new,
Or just the same somehow,
Do we live an exercise in futility,
With each tick of the clock that passes,
Moments from the future gone,
With all the time that elapses.
From one moment to the next,
Is happiness some sort of trick,
Are the moments that pass an echo,
Of a roses thorny prick,
Do the days become like dominoes,
Events just set in a row,
As memories follow behind us,
With the scars we seem to tow.
If we only have the here and now,
Do the memories become like chains,
Slowly acquiring a little more rust,
With the tears that fall like rain,
If we only have the here and now,
What becomes of our tomorrow,
Are we stuck in happiness,
Or repeating yesterday’s sorrow.
Sometimes though it seems the past,
Holds out uncertain times,
When the most important thing you have,
Is the sentence for your crimes,
The here and now is always had,
Because today keeps ticking by,
It holds the things we hold onto,
It holds our truths and lies.
There becomes a point in time,
More important than all the rest,
And the simple act of holding on,
Becomes an all important test,
Things in the past we’re told to let go,
But at times it’s an impossible task,
Some things affect the heart and soul,
Making the here and now a mask.
We hold on to emotion found,
Because it gives the heart it’s beat,
As nothing else seems to compare,
To the dreams lying at our feet,
Our dreams at night show us things,
That prepare us for the here and now,
Proving that the love we have,
Is still alive somehow!

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