to Marcy Howard

The cold, seeps in, as I sit, surrounded, by the pieces of a dream,
Somehow trying, to justify, my selfishness, found obscene,
As, the snowflakes, filter down, from, the overcast sky,
I, am stuck, in this place, my caring, not a lie.
A snowflake, lands, on my leg, and looks, as if alone,
But, there are, many more, unseen, they go unknown,
I, was thinking, about myself, and now, I pay the price,
All alone, in this, cold world, a heart, an unfeeling, chunk of ice.
Grateful, I will, always be, though alone, is not much fun,
Happily, I’ll roll along, into, my setting sun,
But, the sunshine, in my life, comes from only you,
I’m sorry, for the things, I did, but I’m not sorry, for loving you.
I, have something, on which, to hold, to keep me warm, at night,
That even, you, can’t take away, even, with a fight,
I, was blind, yet now, I see, how special, you really are,
And while, I hold you, in my arms, I see, a flickering star.
And though, the starlight flickers, love, wavers, not at all,
I, will not, walk away, and this love, will never fall,
Ask a question, I’ll tell you all, love’s, not rearranged,
And you, have given, all those things, that for us, I have changed.
I can not change, who, I am, but I, can change, my acts,
If, you let me, give to you, all, the real facts,
All, the things, you are to me, are things, that can not die,
And the things, for which, you seek, live inside, my heart and eyes.
         I LOVE YOU



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