From Here To


I sit outside in the weather,
No thought of the rain pouring down,
Letting it wash over me,
And thinking the soul might drown,
The soul reaches for it’s pieces,
Of a dream I can’t let go,
I’m left here sitting in the rain,
Under a sun that doesn’t show.
The sun is hidden behind a curtain of clouds,
With the rain the heaven’s tears,
As the rain becomes a derivative,
Of the gray cloud of our fears,
Somewhere hidden high above,
The sunlight surely shines,
And all the things I believe in,
Become the heart’s confines.
With arms raised to the heavens,
Screams are cried out loud,
And as I search through the past,
Memories become a crowd,
Happiness seems to flutter by,
But I still feel somewhere insidem
That if I hold love in the heart,
Love can never hide.
Words are hidden inside the past,
Yet they’re words that seem to soar,
A dream that’s given wings by thought,
And each day the need is more,
The face is massaged by raindrops,
There’s no thought of being dry.
As belief becomes the binding thread,
To make dreams real not a lie.
The screams I yell are only heard,
By a heart I do not own,
As I hold the very real belief,
That with this love I’m never alone,
It’s then I clearly realize,
That all of this is real,
And all the things I found with you,
Are things that I still feel.
It’s not the head that determines,
Just how love’s kept alive,
And those screams that come from the soul,
Allow the heart to decide,
From where I am to tomorrow,
I believe in what we found,
And the raindrops hiding all my screams,
Become love’s hidden sound.

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