Could We

To Marcy Howard

The past at times, can leave cruel scars,
Yet it can fuel fond memory,
And if we allow its grasp to control,
What happens to you and me,
Are we lost in what might have been,
Or in the future we can see.
If the future would knock at our door,
Could we see it as a friend,
Or would the past exert its hold,
In the scars that we defend,
And would the future walk away,
To never be seen again.
And when you sit by yourself,
Do you think of things we did,
Or does the pain in our eyes,
Betray those things we his,
And in the process of holding back,
Is love sold to the highest bid.
Could we see past being human,
Acknowledge that we found more,
Forgive mistakes that we both made,
Open the hastily closed doors,
Could we give love be a real chance,
And live the things in store.
Could we look beyond the past,
Could we hold the love we found,
Could we let it free again,
Could we enjoy together sound,
Could we look into each others eyes,
And know  that LOVE is still around.
 Could we.....
         Only you.



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