Love Lives Marcy

To Marcy Howard

It seems these days that who I am;exists only on written pages,
Because no one really gives a damn;about my emotions or my rages,
At times I entertain the thought;my phone will ring with your voice,
Yet no matter if it does or not;a heart long ago made its choice.
I could cite a lot of things;to be the reason I met you,
But as I sit and think some more;I wonder which is true,
I’ve been told to walk away;others say I should run,
Maybe its me the joke is on;because I believe you are my one.
At times I think I should visit you;at least I’d see your face,
But if you then rejected me;these tears I could not erase,
We felt this pain twice before;each day etched into my mind,
While now it feels like deja vu; yet our hearts we need to find.
Every day I see your face;Marcy, its you I hold,
But as the time passes by;inside will it grow cold,
I know that you think of me;just as I think of you,
I can feel when your teardrops fall; because mine are falling too!
I hope the answers that you seek;can mend the scars of the past,
Because when I look at your picture;I have what I need at last,
And even in this silence Marcy;love still has its sound,
Forever now exists for us;inside the love we found.
       Only you!



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