Crescent Moon


At night I look up to the sky,
With the hope to see the moon,
Holding thoughts that re-occur.
Yet that disappear to soon,
Land and time cease to exist,
I have and hold a dream,
And only in the dark of night,
Are we released from our screams.
Light takes on a brand new role,
A spotlight for any gloom,
And in the darkness of the night,
We’re touched in every room,
Clouds float across the sky,
A curtain for our dreams,
And when they’re gone from what we see,
Tears fall in flowing streams.
Influenced by our teardrops,
As they appear to block our view,
Keeping us from clearly seeing,
Taht dreams can still come true,
Soft light filters down from above,
And it lights the very soul,
Making the heart swell in size,
To fill this empty hole.
A crescent moon shines down on me,
A foundation for things I feel,
Though under the influence of it’s light,
I’m reminded love is real.
It seems the moon relaxes,
For some reason it’s light with held,
Reluctant with it’s potential,
A tale it can not tell.
The crescent moon shines down on me,
Massaging a tortured soul,
Yet it seems to bring an image of,
The heart that makes me whole,
A crescent moon is a portion of,
A moon that’s full and bright,
Still it has it’s pale aura,
And shines it’s pale moonlight.
Every night the moon shines down,
It brings to mind a thought,
A full moon will return soon enough,
And it holds the love we caught,
Moonlight seems to light the way,
Much different than a day at noon,
Love reflected from far above,
Alive in the crescent moon.

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